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Blood Conditions[ edit ] Individuals either have, or do not have, the Rhesus factor or Ptegnet D antigen on the surface of their videi blood cells. This is a problem only when an Rh-negative woman has a partner who is Rh-positive resulting in an Rh-positive baby. If the mother's and the baby's blood Cum facial pregnet video into contact during the birth, her body produces antibodies against the baby's blood. In essence the mother's body "rejects" the fetus as it would a foreign Cuj. A drug called Rhogam is now given by injection given at weeks gestation and given again if there is confirmation that the baby is Rh positive within 24 hours after birth to protect the future pregnancies.

Rh isoimmunization is rare in our day. Rh- mothers should also be given the injection after miscarriage or abortion. If a mother is untreated they are at risk to subsequently deliver babies who suffer from hemolytic disease of the newborn. Hemolytic disease of the newborn, also known as HDN, is an alloimmune condition that develops in a fetus, when the IgG antibodies that have been produced by the mother and have passed through the placenta include ones which attack the red blood cells in the fetal circulation. The red cells are broken down and the fetus can develop reticulocytosis and anemia. This fetal disease ranges from mild to very severe, and fetal death from heart failure hydrops fetalis can occur.

When the disease is moderate or severe, many erythroblasts are present in the fetal blood and so these forms of the disease can be called erythroblastosis fetalis or erythroblastosis foetalis.

Hemolysis leads to elevated bilirubin levels. After delivery bilirubin is no longer cleared via the placenta from the neonate's blood and the symptoms of jaundice yellowish skin and yellow discoloration of the whites of the eyes increase within 24 hours after birth. Like any other severe neonatal jaundice, there is the possibility of acute or chronic kernicterus. The prenatal manifestations are known as hydrops fetalis; in severe forms this can include petechiae and purpura.

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The infant may be stillborn or die shortly after birth. Other Abnormalities[ edit ] Physical and Genetic Defects: Physical anomalies are present at birth. Examples are; cardiac, facial such as cleft palateclub foot, etc. These do not always endanger the baby's life. Occur when there is a problem Cum facial pregnet video the Girls naked cam genetic makeup; these include conditions such as Down syndrome. Other genetic defects, such as cystic fibrosis, can be inherited from the parents. Staying Healthy[ edit ] Pregnancy and childbirth place great demands, it is important to keep healthy.

The more Sexchat local and relaxed the mother is, the better it will be to cope with the demands of pregnancy. A healthy lifestyle combines many factors: Balanced Diet A poor diet can cause a low birth weight. Excessive weight gain during pregnancy can cause back problems, varicose veins, or indicate preclampsia. Advice on diet often includes to eat foods that are high in nutritional content. Sufficient protein, vitamins, carbohydrates, fats, and minerals, as well as fiber. Limit intake of saturated fats and sugar, and salt.

Drink plenty of fluids. Regular Exercise Mild exercise, such as walking or swimming, is beneficial and will help cope with the workload of pregnancy and the demands of labor. Mother's should listen to her body and stop exercising when it tells her to. Exercise should never be painful. Baby's Health Smoking reduces the oxygen and nutrients passing via the placenta to the baby. Avoid alcohol to avoid serious birth defects. In vitro Fertilization and Artificial Implantation[ edit ] Oocyte is injected with sperm outside of the womb. An alternative when other methods of achieving contraception have failed.

In vitro fertilization IVF is a technique in which egg cells are fertilized by sperm outside the woman's womb. IVF is a major treatment in infertility when other methods of achieving conception have failed. The process involves hormonally controlling the ovulatory process, removing ova eggs from the woman's ovaries and letting sperm fertilize them in a fluid medium. The fertilized egg zygote is then transferred to the patient's uterus with the intent to establish a successful pregnancy. The term in vitro, from the Latin root, is used, because early biological experiments involving cultivation of tissues outside the living organism from which they came, were carried out in glass containers such as beakers, test tubes, or petri dishes.

While the overall live birth rate via IVF in the U. Other factors that determine success rates include the quality of the eggs and sperm, the duration of the infertility, the health of the uterus, and the medical expertise. It is a common practice for IVF programmes to boost the pregnancy rate by placing multiple embryos during embryo transfer. A flip side of this practice is a higher risk of multiple pregnancy, itself associated with obstetric complications. Embryo cryopreservation If multiple embryos are generated, patients may choose to freeze embryos that are not transferred.

Those embryos are placed in liquid nitrogen and can be preserved for a long time. There are currentlyfrozen embryos in the United States. The advantage is that patients who fail to conceive may become pregnant using such embryos without having to go through a full IVF cycle. Or, if pregnancy occurred, they could return later for another pregnancy. Embryonic stem cells[ edit ] Pluripotent, embryonic stem cells originate as inner mass cells with in a blastocyst. The stem cells can become any tissue in the body, excluding a placenta. Only the morula's cells are totipotent, able to become all tissues and a placenta. Embryonic celtic cell lines ES cell lines are cultures of cells derived from the epiblast tissue of the inner cell mass ICM of a blastocyst.

A blastocyst is an early stage embryo - approximately 4 to 5 days old in humans and consisting of cells. ES cells are pluripotent, and give rise during development to all derivatives of the three primary germ layers: In other words, they can develop into each of the more than cell types of the adult body when given sufficient and necessary stimulation for a specific cell type. They do not contribute to the extra-embryonic membranes or the placenta. This means they can become any kind of human tissue ie. When given no stimuli for differentiation, ES cells will continue to divide in vitro and each daughter cell will remain pluripotent. The pluripotency of ES cells has been rigorously demonstrated in vitro and in vivo, thus they can be indeed classified as stem cells.

Because of their unique combined abilities of unlimited expansion and pluripotency, embryonic stem cells are a potential source for regenerative medicine and tissue replacement after injury or disease. To date, no approved medical treatments have been derived from embryonic stem cell research. This is not surprising considering that many nations currently have moratoria suspension of practices on either ES cell research or the production of new ES cell lines. There exists a widespread controversy over stem cell research that emanates from the techniques used in the creation and usage of stem cells.

Opponents of the research argue that this practice is a slippery slope to reproductive cloning and tantamount to the instrumentalization of a human being. Contrarily, some medical researchers in the field argue that it is necessary to pursue embryonic stem cell research because the resultant technologies are expected to have significant medical potential, and that the embryos used for research are only those meant for destruction anyway as a product of in vitro fertilization. This in turn, conflicts with opponents in the pro-life movement, who argue that an embryo is a human being and therefore entitled to dignity even if legally slated for destruction.

The ensuing debate has prompted authorities around the world to seek regulatory frameworks and highlighted the fact that stem cell research represents a social and ethical challenge. Reproductive Cloning Reproductive Cloning is a technology used to generate an animal that contains the same nuclear DNA as another currently or previously existing animal. Scientists transfer the genetic material from the nucleus of a donor adult cell to an egg whose nucleus, and thus its genetic material has been removed.

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